Global IT Consulting Services
Global IT Consulting Services

Who We Are

GITCS culture is built on top of understanding the value of cross-functional teaming.   Our staff comes from across multiple professional sectors to include classroom college and grade-school educators, psychologists, advanced software and graphics engineers, and senior product industry leaders. 

Our Focus

One of the most important things to understand when visiting or moving to another country is the language. This is where GITCS is lending a hand. GITCS developments are primarily focused on applications for grade-school children. Children are the future, and education is their tool to ensure success in that future. Our development started with English language studies and will expand to other topics to include those in STEM. GITCS staff believes we all deserve a quality education regardless of our background. With this value in mind, we additionally focus on educational approaches that will aid immigrant children into our educational systems, which includes English as a Second Language.  

Our Approach

At GITCS, we understand the importance of education. With our specialized cross-functional team, we use our collective skills to develop applications that will provide a student with a rewarding learning experience. Many educational applications offer qualify, but few offer an experience that covers both visual and verbal learning, which is what we offer at GITCS. Our psychologists study the teaching material, and with one of our classroom teachers develop scene scripts that ensure visual and verbal exposure, and special colors that will help with memory and attention. 

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