language is the key to the world!

One of the most important skills to have when visiting or moving to another country is the language. This is an important gap GITCS is working to fill.  To help our new students and others around the world who are in need of learning English, we have developed a very special application for English as a Second Language (ESL).  

 a complete beginner ESL program

My beginner ESL is modeled on a complete beginner program that is taught in a classroom setting.  Our app provides the student 10 themed units with five lessons in each unit that covers topics for communication skills to help at school, shopping, cultural understanding, transportation and more.  


Our graphics for each scene are specifically designed to support the lesson.  These beautiful graphics provide a correct mix of character animation, detailed themed settings, and color to help maintain attention and retention of the lesson.

     support  in your own language

Our presentation follows an immersion teaching approach.  However, sometimes we get stuck and need a little support. Included in the app is a help/information button that provides information in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic for how to complete an exercise, and overall function of the app. 

        we all learn differently

We all learn differently. Some students are more visual in their learning and others more verbal.  Most educational apps provide a binary learning approach that excludes the visual relationship, which makes it difficult for visual learners.  With My Beginner ESL, we integrate visual (images and written word relation), verbal (character spoken descriptions), and touch for our exercises, combining as many senses as possible with a tablet!  Our approach provides a mix of information that supports both types of learning needs. 

        ability to learn anywhere

Learning should not only be in a formal setting but at times spontaneous.  This was key for our development at GITCS.  My Beginner ESL does not require network connectivity providing opportunity for the student to open an iPad and learn from any location in the world!

        designed for the family

Our app is designed for a family in mind by allowing up to three students to use a single app and iPad to learn.  Each student will have a separate login, which protects the details of the student and maintains his or her progress in the app. 

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