Our art and animation was developed by Digital Art and Animation (DA&A). Located in New York, DA&A is a well-known digital graphics company that develops for both motion picture and advertising.

Detailed Images For Each Scene

For each scene in our app, we develop graphics that directly relate to the lessons. Our approach provides visual images to match the lesson material and increase retention.

Animating Each Lesson

Each lesson is animated to act out what is being taught.  This makes the app fun, helps maintain attention and interest, and provides a visual demonstration of the lesson.

Ms. Brown introducing unit

Below is a clip of the teacher Ms. Brown introducing the first of the 10 units.  At the beginning of each unit Ms. Brown provides details about what will be presented. 

Juan introducing his family members

Each of our characters will present lesson information and introduce different exercises. 

Ms. Brown reviewing unit 7

Below is a clip of the teacher Ms. Brown providing a review of what was learned in unit 7.

Juan & Maria oracticing their greetings

Below is an example of the students, Juan and Maria practicing greetings.  

closing scene

Below is a clip of Ms. Brown, Juan, and Maria saying goodbye after the final lesson.

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