Welcome To The Future!      

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As technology becomes an everyday part of life, education is exponentially shifting from the traditional teaching approaches to using electronic devices to complement the classroom.  Globally, classrooms are being wired to use tablets and other devices.  However, the apps to support education are limited, low in quality, or not designed for a classroom. Also, the material seen on some apps is independently developed and does not model or support classroom teaching and material.  This gap between the technology and the classroom material is what GITCS is working to fill and help our educators in and outside the classroom.

cross-functional teaming is the key to our success

GITCS culture is built on top of understanding the value of cross-functional teaming.   Our diverse staff comes from across multiple professional sectors to include classroom university and grade-school educators, psychologists, advanced software and graphics engineers, and senior product industry leaders. Our collective skills go into each development.

bringing it all together

At GITCS, we understand the importance of education. With our specialized cross-functional team, we use our collective skills to develop applications that will provide a student with a rewarding learning experience. Many educational applications offer qualify, but few offer an experience that models a real classroom educational experience, which is what we offer at GITCS. We begin with development of our lesson material by professional classroom teachers who are experienced in developing educational programs.  During the lesson development, other teachers translate the lessons into scripts for our software and graphics team who offer feedback on best way to present.  Afterwards, we have psychologists review the materials and provide feedback for proper coloring and aesthetics that help with attention and memory. All material is proofed by no less than three teachers to ensure accuracy.  Quality of education and fun are built into each development.

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